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2020 Webinar Programs

February 20      Collaborations with Academics: Student Projects and Campus Engagement

April 16              Plastic Policy: Innovations on Water Bottle Bills, Bans and Behavior Change

June 18              Reaching Your Collaborators: Communicating for Connection and Education

2019 Webinar Programs

December 12    Focus on Reduce

November 14   Designing the Right Signage

September 26   Right-Sizing Your Collection Infrastructure

July 25              Mapping Your Waste Stream, and What to Do with It

May 30              State of the Recycling Industry

May 9                Campus Composting Best Practices

January 30        Using Competition to Improve Campus Recycling Programs

2018 Webinar Programs

May 1                     Optimizing Recycling & Waste Bin Infrastructure

June 14                  Using Waste Audits to Improve Recycling & Recovery Programs

November 8            Aiming Upstream: Waste Prevention Campaigns

December 6            Recycling & Reuse in The UK

Webinar Programs

March 9                  Campus Reuse Programs

April 13                  Building Support for Waste Reduction Programs

June 8                    Recycling Collection Logistics at College Campuses

August 10              Engaging the Campus to Improve Recycling Participation

September 14       Measuring the Impact of Recycling & Materials Management

December 6           Food Waste Collections Across Campus

2016 Webinar Programs

March 10                 Moving Toward Zero Waste in Office Settings  

April 28                    Effective Education Programs to Drive Recycling Behavior

June 23                    Recycling & Waste Reduction in Campus Housing

September 8            Implementing Campus-Wide Bin Standards

October 20               Food Waste Recovery On Campus

December 14           Using Contracts To Advance Waste Reduction Efforts

2015 Webinar Series

February 26              Getting Credit For Recycling & Materials Management

April 9                       Is Your Education Outreach Changing Behavior?

June 11                     Can That Be Composted? Should It Be? 

August 13                  Learning From Experience to Reboot Collection Programs

October 8                  Planning For Success

December 10             Quantifying Your Waste Reduction Efforts

2014 Webinar Series

February 13              Making Move-Out a Sustainability Success Story

March 13                  The Science of Getting People to Use the Bin

May 15                     Taking Your Recycling Program to the Next Level

July 10                      A Different Look at Game Day and Special Event Recycling

September 11            Deep Dive into Food Waste Program Design

November 13             Creating a Leaner Campus Recycling Program

2013 Webinar Series

February 14             E-Waste Recycling Program Expansion: Best Practices and Recovery Strategies

April 11                   Institutionalizing Recycling at Special Events

June 20                   Social Marketing Strategies to Increase Recycling & Reduce Waste

August 8                 Getting the Most Out of Your Recycling Bin Program

October 17              Composting Food Waste On Campus: Addressing Common Program Challenges

December 12           Opportunities for Source Reduction in Retail Dining Operations

2012 Webinar Series

January 12              Special Concerns in Recycling: Lab & Hospital Waste

March 8                  Purchasing Processing Equipment & Vehicles for Recycling Operations

May 10                   Recycling Education and Awareness: Tools, Tips and Ideas for Campus and Community Outreach

July 12                    Business of Recycling: Contracts, Pricing, Financing & Budgeting

September 13         Composting: Handling Food Waste in Dining Halls and at Special Events

November 8             Measurement & Verification: The Role of Recycling in Existing Sustainability Rating Systems

2011 Webinar Series

February                Residence Halls Move-Out Programs

April 7                    Equipment for Efficient Recycling Operations

September 22        Game Day: A Step Towards Sustainability in College Athletics

October 13             Market Assessment, Part I: Short- & Long-Term Trends

November 10          Market Assessment & Program Planning, Part 2: Saving Money & Maximizing Revenue

2010 Webinars

September 2       Recycling and Beyond: Towards a Zero Waste Campus

December 2        Composting on College & University Campuses


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