Increasing Sustainable Purchasing



February 18th 2:30-3:30 PM EST

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To begin the new year of webinars, we are starting where the waste begins on our campuses: purchasing.

This webinar explore the process of creating a purchasing policy which is responsible for the environment, supports recycling and matches your waste collection ability. We also will share important information about spreading the news about your purchasing policy and encourage widespread implementation which would support your waste reduction numbers.


Lynn Rubinstein
Executive Director, Northeast Recycling Council (NERC)

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Lynn shares information on the new NERC initiative, the Government Recycling Demand Champion program and explain how their strategies can fit on your college campus. Their organization offers free technical assistance and support in purchasing projects, and your campus gets to be recognized for your efforts.

Leah Ceperley
Sustainability Planning & Evaluation Manager, Facilities Management, University of Dayton

Sara Harrison
Executive Director of Procurement and Payable Services, University of Dayton

See their presentation slides

The team from University of Dayton has gained recognition for their purchasing policy, which is continually evolving and demonstrates the importance of collaborating on these efforts between departments. Learn more about this case study in purchasing sustainably by reviewing their slides and watching the recording!