Special Concerns in Recycling: Lab & Hospital Waste

Original Stream Date: January 12, 2012

Webinar Summary:

Developing a lab or hospital waste minimization program can be intimidating. At first glance, the waste stream generated in labs or hospital areas is large, out of the ordinary, and in some cases, hazardous. There are, however, multiple opportunities to capture valuable feedstock and reduce the environmental impact of these highly active centers. Given the right tools and understanding of proper procedures, any university can tackle the task of creating a successful recycling program for labs and hospitals. This session covered:

-The impetus for developing a lab or hospital waste minimization program
-Which materials can be recycled and successful strategies for partnering with vendors to recycle material
-Logistics and safety best practices
-Tips for proper labeling and effective communication including strategies for engaging and educating staff on proper segregation and collection procedures


Tom Badrick, President, Badrick Consulting
Christine von Kolnitz Cooley, Sustainability and Recycling Program Manager, Medical University of South Carolina
Amorette Getty, Postdoctoral Researcher; Staff Advisor, LabRAT, University of California-Santa Barbara
Katie Maynard, Sustainability Coordinator, University California-Santa Barbara
Moderated by Rob Gogan, Harvard University


Presentation Slides (PDF)
Download Recording [wmv file]


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