2024 Survey of Indoor Waste & Diversion Practices

March 2024

This survey this is focused on understanding waste collection arrangements at indoor locations within academic and administrative areas of campus such as staff offices, classrooms, building lobbies and other common areas. Other campus settings like residential, dining or athletics facilities are NOT included with this survey.

CURC Campus Reopening Survey- Part 2

November 2020

This survey gathered more data on how COVID-19 has impacted higher education sustainability and what impacts are expected to become long-term. A collaboration with CURC, US Composting Council, Zero Waste Campus Council, Busch Systems Consulting and National Recycling Coalition’s Campus Council.

CURC Campus Reopening Survey- Part 1

August 2020

This survey investigate how campuses are adjusting waste management during the first semester returning with COVID-19. A specific focus was placed on organic waste and food packaging. A collaboration with CURC, the U.S. Composting Council and Elevate Packaging.

CURC 2017/18 General Campus Survey

2017 & 2018

In an effort to understand industry best practices in higher education, CURC conducted a survey of over 300 higher education waste management programs. This survey sought out to understand what policies were behind traditional waste metrics such as waste diversion.