Measurement & Verification: The Role of Recycling in Existing Sustainability Rating Systems

 Original Stream Date: Thursday, November 8, 2012

Webinar Summary:

Quantitative measurement and reporting is key to establishing baselines and enabling future progress. With all of the rating systems that exist today, Colleges and Universities are now subject to assessment through many different lenses of sustainability. Whether you are evaluating through an independent effort or an established national rating system, recycling and waste reduction play a huge role in reducing your cumulative environmental impact. In this session, experts will discuss how recycling and waste reduction numbers impact performance in broader sustainability indicator systems like LEED, WARM, and STARS.


 Robert Gogan, Supervisor of FMO Recycling and Solid Waste Removal, Harard University (moderator)
 Jeff Murphy, STARS Technical Advisor (Waste) and Adviser/Go-Green Specialist for Sightlines LLC
 Bradley Guy, Vice-Chair USGBC Materials & Resources Technical Advisory Group and Associate Director, Center for Building Stewardship



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