Single Use Plastics Bans: Process and Partnerships

February 17, 2:00-3:00 PM EST

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Single use plastics are pervasive in our environment and on our campuses. While some plastics may be recyclable, only 9% of plastics on average are recycled leaving the rest to be burned, buried, or clogging waterways and endangering the most vulnerable populations. Additionally, the upstream impacts to environmental justice, public health, and our environment are staggering. Thankfully, a movement is beginning at institutions of higher education, states, and municipalities to ban these items from their spaces.

Experts in this program will discuss how they navigated the decision making process to ban single use plastics, identified and collaborated with key stakeholders across their institutions, and built strong partnerships for success.


George Mason University
– Kevin Brim, Recycling and Waste Management Supervisor
– Colleen Regan, Resource Responsibility and Zero Waste Specialist
– Amber Saxton, Sustainability Program Manager

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College of the Atlantic
– Tina Alise Drupa, Senior, Human Ecology
– Isidora Munoz Segovia, Senior, Human Ecology
– Eleanor White, Senior, Human Ecology