A Deep Dive into Food Waste Program Design

Original Stream Date: September 11, 2014

 Webinar Summary:

This webinar provided a comprehensive discussion of the decision points involved in designing a food recovery and composting program. The presenters explored the various considerations that lead a school to plan one food waste recovery option over another.

An industry leader in the field of organics management offered expert guidance about what should influence a school’s decision to set up an internal composting system versus contracting it out. Then, a few campus case studies were presented that showed, in practice, how factors such as program economics, citing for on-campus composting operations, staffing, volume of material, and end-use needs impact the design and evolution of their successful composting programs.


Travis Freidman, Sustainability and Energy Manager, University of Puget Sound

Nicole Chardoul, Vice President, Resource Recycling Systems

Melissa Dupuis, Sustainability Officer , The University of Winnipeg


A Deep Dive into Food Waste Program Design Webinar Powerpoint

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