Food Waste Reduction, Recovery and Composting on Your Campus

Food Waste Reduction, Recovery and Composting on Your Campus 

Thursday, October 15 @ 1pm-4pm EST

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About 1/3 of all the food produced globally is wasted, consequently contributing about 6% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Fortunately, there are a multitude of opportunities to reduce food waste, recover it to feed people and divert it from our landfills and incinerators. CURC’s extended webinar will follow the EPA’s food waste hierarchy to highlight ways campuses can reduce first, rescue where safe and then recycle into valuable compost material.


Nishu Hosamane- “Student led Food Recovery Network”, University of Maryland College Park

Kathy Wicks- “Holistic food waste reduction in Dining”, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Beth Mackenzie- “Composting in Residence Halls”, University of Iowa

Erin Meyer- “No Food Left Behind: A text service for food recovery” , UCMerced


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US Composting Council

Center for EcoTechnology


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