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All webinars from this current year are posted on the 2023 webinar page. This page includes all other previous webinar presentations.

2023 Webinar Programs

February 16    Recycling and Waste Programs in Residence Halls   

April 20           Opportunities for Waste Reduction and Diversion in Laboratories

June 15          Conducting Waste Audits

August 17       Edible Food Recovery Programs

October 19      Striving for Financial Sustainability in Recycling Programs

December 21  Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Zero Waste

2022 Webinar Programs

February 17   Single Use Plastics Bans: Process and Partnerships

April 21           Measuring Waste as a Scope 3 Emission

June 16           Engaging Faculty, Staff, and Students for Waste Reduction and Diversion

August 18      Developing Institutional Waste Goals

October 20    Successful Free/Surplus Stores

December 15  Food Recovery and Composting on Campus

2021 Webinar Programs

February 18   Increasing Sustainable Purchasing: NERC’s Government Recycling Demand Champions

April 15           Safety & Sustainability: Reusable Dining during COVID-19

June 17           Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Your Program

August 19      Essential Workers as Essential Voices: Operations & Custodians in Waste Program Planning and Implementation

October 21    Integrating Reduction and Reuse Into Messaging

December 16  Diversion Upstream: Working with Purchasing to Prevent Waste

2020 Webinar Programs

February 20      Collaborations with Academics: Student Projects and Campus Engagement

April 16             Plastic Policy: Innovations on Water Bottle Bills, Bans and Behavior Change

June 18             Reaching Your Collaborators: Communicating for Connection and Education

August 20         Managing Surplus Property for Zero Waste

October 15        Food Waste Reduction, Recovery and Composting on Your Campus

December 17     Zero Waste Marketing Your Program: Strategies for Giveaways

2019 Webinar Programs

December 12    Focus on Reduce

November 14   Designing the Right Signage

September 26   Right-Sizing Your Collection Infrastructure

July 25              Mapping Your Waste Stream, and What to Do with It

May 30              State of the Recycling Industry

May 9                Campus Composting Best Practices

January 30        Using Competition to Improve Campus Recycling Programs

2018 Webinar Programs

May 1                     Optimizing Recycling & Waste Bin Infrastructure

June 14                  Using Waste Audits to Improve Recycling & Recovery Programs

November 8            Aiming Upstream: Waste Prevention Campaigns

December 6            Recycling & Reuse in The UK

Webinar Programs

March 9                  Campus Reuse Programs

April 13                  Building Support for Waste Reduction Programs

June 8                    Recycling Collection Logistics at College Campuses

August 10              Engaging the Campus to Improve Recycling Participation

September 14       Measuring the Impact of Recycling & Materials Management

December 6           Food Waste Collections Across Campus

2016 Webinar Programs

March 10                 Moving Toward Zero Waste in Office Settings  

April 28                    Effective Education Programs to Drive Recycling Behavior

June 23                    Recycling & Waste Reduction in Campus Housing

September 8            Implementing Campus-Wide Bin Standards

October 20               Food Waste Recovery On Campus

December 14           Using Contracts To Advance Waste Reduction Efforts

2015 Webinar Series

February 26              Getting Credit For Recycling & Materials Management

April 9                       Is Your Education Outreach Changing Behavior?

June 11                     Can That Be Composted? Should It Be? 

August 13                  Learning From Experience to Reboot Collection Programs

October 8                  Planning For Success

December 10             Quantifying Your Waste Reduction Efforts

2014 Webinar Series

February 13              Making Move-Out a Sustainability Success Story

March 13                  The Science of Getting People to Use the Bin

May 15                     Taking Your Recycling Program to the Next Level

July 10                      A Different Look at Game Day and Special Event Recycling

September 11            Deep Dive into Food Waste Program Design

November 13             Creating a Leaner Campus Recycling Program

2013 Webinar Series

February 14             E-Waste Recycling Program Expansion: Best Practices and Recovery Strategies

April 11                   Institutionalizing Recycling at Special Events

June 20                   Social Marketing Strategies to Increase Recycling & Reduce Waste

August 8                 Getting the Most Out of Your Recycling Bin Program

October 17              Composting Food Waste On Campus: Addressing Common Program Challenges

December 12           Opportunities for Source Reduction in Retail Dining Operations

2012 Webinar Series

January 12              Special Concerns in Recycling: Lab & Hospital Waste

March 8                  Purchasing Processing Equipment & Vehicles for Recycling Operations

May 10                   Recycling Education and Awareness: Tools, Tips and Ideas for Campus and Community Outreach

July 12                    Business of Recycling: Contracts, Pricing, Financing & Budgeting

September 13         Composting: Handling Food Waste in Dining Halls and at Special Events

November 8             Measurement & Verification: The Role of Recycling in Existing Sustainability Rating Systems

2011 Webinar Series

February                Residence Halls Move-Out Programs

April 7                    Equipment for Efficient Recycling Operations

September 22        Game Day: A Step Towards Sustainability in College Athletics

October 13             Market Assessment, Part I: Short- & Long-Term Trends

November 10          Market Assessment & Program Planning, Part 2: Saving Money & Maximizing Revenue

2010 Webinars

September 2       Recycling and Beyond: Towards a Zero Waste Campus

December 2        Composting on College & University Campuses