Keynote Presentations

Alex Danovitch, Nothing Left To Waste
“Recycling for Impact: Lessons from China’s National Sword”

Alec Cooley and Tyler Orton, CURC
“CURC Campus Recycling & Waste Reduction Survey: Preliminary Results”


Case Study Presentations

Kayla Hickman,  Weber State University
“Adapting & Building Support Around Sustainable Waste Management”

Andrew Muir, University of Maryland
“Communication Strategies to Minimize Contamination”

Mark Klapatch,  University of Wisconsin – River Falls
“Inventorying Bin Infrastructure”

Tracy Artley,  University of Michigan
“Implementing Standardized Collection Bins”

Patricia Watson, Towson University
“BAGless: Eliminating Plastic Bag Liners From Collections”

Joanna Ashford,  University of Kentucky
“Pass on Plastics Campaign”

John Brooker,  Medical University of South Carolina
“Piloting Organics Collection From Library”












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