CURC COVID Re-opening Part 1 Survey

The College and University Recycling Coalition (CURC), in partnership with the United States Composting Council and Elevate Packaging, recently administered a survey to colleges and universities to understand how their recycling, compost, and waste programs have been impacted by the sudden campus closures and uncertain reopening plans. This session presents the results of that survey to highlight the challenges facing many institutions and some of their innovative solutions. We also provide resources and information on how to solve some of the most common challenges.

View the session recording in full, for free here.

Thank you to all of the individuals who answered our survey!



Data from the CURC Survey

COMPLETE Resources, Tips and Requests gathered from our survey

Post-Landfill Action Network Reusables & Sanitation Toolkit

Hosting Troll-Free/Playful/Interactive Virtual Events with Zoom

Virtual Event Ideas from Sustainability/Recycling Offices

Health Expert Statement Addressing Safety of Reusables and COVID-19

Does COVID-19 mean single-use everything? – MIT Medical