Making Move-Out a Sustainability Success Story

Original Stream Date: February 13, 2014

 Webinar Summary:                                                                                                                              

  For the 2,100 colleges and universities with on-campus housing serving nearly 3 million student residents, move-out will generate a tsunami of reusable clothing, electronics and other household goods.  Find out how some campuses are transforming end-of-year move-out from costly, logistically difficult dumpster disasters into newsworthy environmental success stories.

University of Toledo will share how they realized a 43% increase in recovery in one year’s time working with Give and Go, a partnership with CURC, KAB and Goodwill.  Next, learn about Indiana University and the City of Bloomington’s Hoosier to Hoosier Community Sale that raised more than $30,000 dollars for local charities and diverted 45 tons from the landfill. University of Maryland will also give valuable insights into the growing success of their well-established Trash to Treasure program.


-Erin Thomas, Office of Residence Life, University of Toledo
-Jacqui Bauer, Sustainability Coordinator and H2H Mentor, City of Bloomington, IN
-Adrienne Small, Recycling Specialist, University of Maryland


Move-Out Sustainability Webinar Powerpoint