2016 Programs

Moving Toward Zero Waste in Office Settings  

Implementing mini-bins, organics collection and other programs to reduce waste in office settings.

Took place on March 10

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Effective Education Programs to Drive Recycling Behavior

Case study examples of outreach campaigns to get students and staff to recycle & reduce waste.

Took place on April 28

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Recycling & Waste Reduction in Campus Housing

360 focus on the unique challenges and opportunities, from move-in collections to education programs and beyond.

Took place on June 23

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Implementing Campus-Wide Bin Standards

Developing recycling and waste bin standards to professionalize collection programs.

Took place on September 8

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Food Waste Recovery On Campus

Case study and resources to help keep food out of the trash

Took place on October 20

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Using Contracts To Advance Waste Reduction Efforts

Took place on December 14

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