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  1. Getting Credit For Recycling & Materials Management | February 26 | 1-2:30pm ET
    Finding and documenting GHG emission savings from your waste reduction efforts.

Recycling and materials management programs are the foundation of campus sustainability programs but are often treated as a minor source of potential GHG emission savings. In this webinar we will discuss how to make sure you’re getting credit for GHG emission reductions on your campus, from the embodied energy in materials up front to tracking GHG footprint of various waste disposal methods on the back end.

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  1. Is Your Education Outreach Changing Behavior? | April 9 | 1-2:30pm ET
    Planning outreach campaigns that have an impact

We rely on education to foster sustainable behavior. How do we know it’s making a difference? In this webinar we discuss the underlying factors that influence environmental behavior and how to plan effective outreach efforts with measurable results.

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  1. Can That Be Composted? Should It Be? | June 11 | 1-2:30pm ET
    Strategies for your campus in ever changing compost market

Is your food waste collection program keeping up with markets and national trends? What should your program start or stop collecting? What is in the future for food waste diversion, collection and composting? In this webinar we will discuss upcoming trends in the market and how to strategically grow your food waste collection program.

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  1. Learning From Experience to Reboot Collection Programs| August 13 | 1-2:30pm ET
    Case studies of how campuses have revamped and updated underperforming collection bin programs

Collection systems are not forever. Recycling and organics recovery efforts have to stay current with industry trends and the needs of the campus. This program will highlight examples of universities that have revamped or in some cases started from scratch to remodel collection programs to improve recovery going forward.

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  1. Planning For Success | October 8 | 1-2:30pm ET
    Strategic planning to build a comprehensive recycling program

Successful recycling and waste reduction programs achieve 50% or more diversion through setting goals and intentional planning. In this webinar we will focus on using strategic planning methods to grow your campus waste reduction program and align it with the broader campus strategic plan.

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  1. Quantifying Your Waste Reduction Efforts | December 10 | 1-2:30pm ET
    How do you measure nothing to you know you are doing something?

At the core of waste reduction is the simple notion of producing less. We promote waste prevention and reuse through programs, policies and education, but how do we know these have an impact? This webinar will highlight successful waste reduction programs including how schools measured the corresponding drop in waste generation.

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