E-Waste Recycling Program Expansion: Best Practices and Recovery Strategies for Batteries, Hand-held Personal Devices, and More Thursday, February 14

Planning to expand your e-waste recycling program? Organizing e-waste collection events for Recyclemania? Tune in for an overview of what other campuses are doing across the country followed by a panel discussion focusing on special considerations and opportunities in recovery of materials such as batteries, personal hand-held devices and more. Click here for presentation materials.  (OLD LINK TO KCBS SITE Click here )

Institutionalizing Recycling at Special Events Thursday, April 25

Running a successful special events recycling program requires campus-wide commitment and action. Discover how your peers are institutionalizing recycling at special events by enlisting support and fostering commitment among administration and campus organizations. You will hear about different approaches to effectively working with event organizers and caterers and get a look at model standard operating procedures for effective special event recycling programs. Click here for presentation materials.

Using Community-Based Social Marketing Strategies to Increase Recycling Participation in Campus Recycling Programs Thursday, June 20

Research shows that the most effective marketing initiatives aimed at changing behavior are carried out at the community level and involve direct contact with people. Marketing experts will walk through the steps involved in community-based social marketing (CBSM), discuss why this approach is particularly effective in changing behaviour on college campuses, and share some real-world examples.

Panelists:Jay Kassirer, President, Ottawa-based Cullbridge Marketing and Communications; Shannon Leblanc, Sustainability Coordinator for Energy Management and Sustainable Operations, University of Alberta; Emily Dietrich, Sustainability Coordinator, Office of Sustainability, University of Alberta. Click here for presentation materials.

Getting the Most Out of Your Recycling Bin Program: Tips for Maximizing Recovery, Minimizing Contamination, and Building Up Your Inventory Thursday, August 8

Having the right bin in the right location is fundamental to any successful recycling program. Don’t miss this special session focusing on bins. We will identify which bins are most popular among college campuses (and why), discuss special considerations when deciding on placement and signage, and talk about what is required from a management perspective to ensure you are getting the “biggest bang for your buck.” Click here for presentation materials.

Composting Food Waste On Campus: Addressing Common Program Challenges Thursday, October 17

Whether you are just starting a composting program or you are running a large-scale composting operation, some of the challenges are universal. This session explores some of the common issues facing program managers, offer practical solutions and highlight noteworthy program ideas and technologies.

Panelists: Joe Rasmussen, Integrated Waste Management Specialist, CalRecycles. Additional panelists TBD. Click here for presentation materials.

Retail Dining Operations: Opportunities for Source Reduction and Effective Materials Management Thursday, December 12

Collecting food waste in retail dining operations is challenging but the opportunities for food waste reduction are immense. Join us as we look at successful “reduce and reuse” strategies, food donation programs, and unique materials management solutions for the dining hall and “dining on the run.”

Panelists: Andrew Shakman, CEO and founder, LeanPath; Eileen Reavey, Director of Expansion, Food Recovery Network; additional panelists TBD. Click here to register