Encourage Memories Instead of “Stuff” – Support Research Project

In addition to producing less waste, research has shown that people are happier to receive gifts tied to experiences such as a massage or tickets to an event, than material items they may not want or need. CURC supports the Simplify the Holidays campaign by New Dream to encourage giving experiences people will remember long after most material gifts have been consigned to closets or the landfill.

Consider promoting the campaign’s message to your campus, along with a commitment pledge to avoid gifting “stuff”. View Campaign Resources & Sample Newsletter and Social Media Content here.

Support Research Project – Encourage Participation Survey 

To better understand the potential to influence gift-giving behavior, University of South Florida grad student Kelley Dennings is conducting a survey of people’s attitudes and perceived barriers and benefits to changing gifting practices in conjunction with the campaign. We encourage you to share the online survey and related pledge with your campus. You can also download sample newsletter and social media content to help encourage survey participation across your campus.


Check out a promo example from the Medical University of South Carolina below.