Leveraging Federal Funding for Campus Sustainability and Waste Reduction

February 22, 2:00-3:00pm ET

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This webinar focuses on leveraging federal funding to enhance sustainability and waste reduction efforts in higher education institutions. This session will provide a comprehensive overview of federal funding opportunities tailored for colleges and universities aiming to boost their sustainability initiatives, particularly in waste reduction. We’ll delve into the strategic alignment of facilities plans with these funding avenues, highlighting how this synergy can be a powerful tool for accessing resources. Attendees will gain insights into key elements of the facilities planning process that can bring people together to reduce waste, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and bolster resilience. Participants will be equipped with practical knowledge and strategies to navigate federal funding resources and leverage them to achieve ambitious sustainability goals.


  • Jennifer Porter – Chief Operating Officer, Gershman, Bricker & Bratton
  • Joshua Moses – Professor of Anthropology and Environmental Studies, The University of Vermont