Case Study Videos


Campus Recycling & Waste Reduction

Case Study Videos


Showcase Your School’s Waste Reduction Successes


**Deadline to Submit: September 23rd**

Does your campus have a recycling, reuse, organics or other waste reduction success story or innovative project to share? CURC invites colleges and universities to submit a brief case study video of a noteworthy initiative for an opportunity to be featured at the annual CURC Campus Recycling Workshop, October 9 at Johns Hopkins University.


Goal of Videos

Spotlight noteworthy campus recycling and waste reduction efforts that are either:

  • Successful, stand out example of an initiative common to other colleges
  • Innovative new program
  • Unique approach to handling / minimizing a waste material

Suggested Topic Areas 

  • Recycling, organics, Reuse collection / operations
  • Waste prevention
  • Procurement practices to prevent waste / increase recoverability
  • Student or Staff engagement / outreach
  • Policies to encourage recovery, waste minimization practices.
  • Strategic planning / goals to further sustainable materials management and recovery


  • Attendees of the pre-AASHE Conference Campus Recycling Workshop at Johns Hopkins University on October 9, 2016
  • Videos will be posted to a CURC YouTube channel and presented on the CURC website.

Video Requirements

  • Limit to 3 minutes or less.
  • Format: MP4
  • Videos should include:
  1. School logo
  2. Campus, location, department/ group /organization leading effort.
  3. High level project overview
  4. What “need” the project / initiative addresses
  5. Close with:

-CURC workshop logo

-Contact info for people interested to learn more.

Optional to include:

  1. Challenges overcome/ lessons learned
  2. Impact metrics -ex: quantity of material recovered / waste prevented, cost saving, waste composition, etc.

Submission Guidelines

  • Deadline: September 23rd
  • Post to YouTube
  • Send email to with the YouTube link and a link to download an MP4 file from DropBox or similar file sharing site.

The best videos will be selected to play for workshop attendees, and will feature all appropriate videos on it’s YouTube channel. CURC reserves the right to reject videos for any reason. Submitting a video implies permission for CURC to use it at any point in the future as a non-commercial information exchange resource.