2022 Annual Fall Workshop

CURC’s annual Fall Workshop was held in partnership with the 2022 [Virtual] National Recycling Congress. The NRC, held virtually, included a half-day workshop on Thursday, November 10th hosted by CURC.

The CURC 2022 Workshop theme is Partnerships for People and the Planet because we can do so much more if we establish and foster strong regional partnerships to reduce waste and increase diversion collectively and collaboratively. 

Our college and university campuses are microcosms of the towns and cities we inhabit. We typically have an almost year round resident population that eats, sleeps, studies, and lives in a relatively defined geographic space alongside and within small towns and big cities. While we operate mostly independently of these towns and cities, our ability to affect waste reduction and diversion can be enhanced or constrained by the regional policies, infrastructure, and programs that may or may not exist. 

On November 10th, we gathered for an engaging 4 hour virtual session that explored the opportunities for and examples of colleges and universities working closely with regional partners in government, non-profit, and commercial sectors to develop and/or improve the policies, infrastructure, and programs that support waste reduction and diversion. 

Registration was $30, and CURC offered scholarships on a case by case basis. 

The virtual workshop was conducted via Zoom, and a Zoom link was sent to all registered users closer to the workshop date.