Business of Recycling: Contracts, Pricing, Financing & Budgeting

 Original Stream Date: Thursday, July 12, 2012

Webinar Summary:

A good recycling program isn’t just about sorting and hauling, operations must be backed by smart business strategy, careful budgeting and creative financing. This CURC presentation, featuring a panel of seasoned professionals, reviewed the business aspects of recycling. The discussion focused on different types of contracts, elements that define a good contract, incentive items, and revenue sharing. You’ll also hear tips for creating and maintaining an effective budget, where to make cuts when needed, and discover some creative ideas for financing projects and programs. This timely discussion provides the tools you need to stay on top of your business.


Robert Gogan, Supervisor of FMO Recycling and Solid Waste Removal, Harvard University (moderator)

Lin King, Manager of Campus Refuse and Recycling Services, University of California-Berkeley                                        curc-webinar-lin-king

Bill Del Vecchio, Manager, Recycling and Waste Disposal, Georgetown University                                                                curc-webinar-delvecchio

Tracy L. Artley, Sustainability Programs Coordinator, University of Michigan                                                                         curc-webinar-artley


business of recycling webinar PDF



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