Using Waste Audits to Improve Recycling & Recovery Programs

Program originally took place on June 14, 2018

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To expand waste reduction programs, you have to understand what is being discarded in the waste stream. Waste audits are an important tool for schools to prioritize their recycling, reuse and prevention efforts.

Presenters from UC-Davis will share an in-depth case study about how they organize audits of different campus waste streams and how they’re using the results to strategically move the school closer to its zero waste goals.

We’ll also hear from Busch Systems, presenting the Resource Center, a free-to-use collection analytics software and roadmap to recycling success. Use the Resource Center to perform daily audits of your recycling and waste program to determine problematic areas and implement effective reduction and minimization strategies.


  • Sue Vang, Engagement & Zero Waste Program Manager
    University of California, Davis Office of Sustainability
  • Jenni Taylor Porter, Sustainability Manager,
    University of California, Davis Student Housing & Dining Services



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