Recyc-L Listserv


RECYC-L is an email listserv about recycling and waste reduction programs at college and university campuses as well as related topics of interest to persons responsible for planning and implementing such programs.

Subscription to RECYC-L is open to anyone who works with campus recycling issues. It is not a confidential list, however, list owners wish to limit and prohibit commercial advertisements and general municipal discussions, which are welcome elsewhere on the Web.

To subscribe to RECYC-L, send a message to with the message text:  “SUBSCRIBE RECYC-L FirstName LastName.” If you would prefer to receive messages combined into a single daily digest, add the word “DIGEST” to the end of the text so that it reads “SUBSCRIBE RECYC-L FirstName LastName DIGEST.” You will then receive an email from the Listserv asking you to CONFIRM your subscription. You will then be added by the Listserv owners. In your message, include a brief introduction about yourself and your program. This message will be sent to the entire list so all RECYC-L participants know who is joining the list. Your address will then be manually added by one of the List-Owners.

Subscriptions to RECYC-L must be renewed every six (6) months. You will receive a automated message from ListServ (Subject Renewal of your RECYC-L Subscription) twice per year. Any problems with subscriptions should be addressed to:

To access the list archives, you must be a current subscriber. Go to the RECYC-L home page and request a “Listserv password” on the Brown University host server. After logging in, you should be able to access archived messages.