Recyc-L Listserv


RECYC-L is an email listserv about recycling and waste reduction programs at college and university campuses as well as related topics of interest to persons responsible for planning and implementing such programs.

Recyc-l, and the Green Schools (“Grnsch-l” – for general campus sustainability issues) are both hosted by Brown University. Subscription to RECYC-L is free and open to anyone who works with campus recycling / waste reduction issues. The list is an open forum and generally not regulated. However, commercial promotions are discouraged and in extreme cases may lead to the subscriber being removed from the list.

How to Subscribe
To subscribe to RECYC-L, send a message to with the message text:  “SUBSCRIBE RECYC-L FirstName LastName.”  You will then receive an email from the Listserv asking you to CONFIRM your subscription. In your message, include a brief introduction about yourself and your program. This message will be sent to the entire list so all RECYC-L participants know who is joining the list. Your address will then be manually added by one of the List-Owners.

Manage Your Account
Once you have been accepted as a subscriber, visit the Brown’s listserv website to request an account password. Once this is set up, select Recyc-l from the many lists shown (hint: drop “recyc-l” into the search function to avoid scrolling through all list options) From your account you can do the following:

  • Digest or Individual Messages: You can choose to receive postings to Recyc-l as individual emails in real time or opt to receive a single email with daily digest of all postings.  To receive the digest version, log into your account and under the “Subscriber’s Corner”, use the “My Settings” tab to set your preference.
  • To Unsubscribe: login to your account. Under the “My lists” tab, check the box to the left of the list name, then use the drop down menu directly underneath this to click “Unsubscribe”. DO NOT SEND AN EMAIL TO THE LISTSERV ITSELF. These messages will be viewed by all users, but not by an administrator who can actually unsubscribe you
  • Access Archived Messages: Current subscribers can access archived messages going back to 1995. Login to the Brown listserv website

Any problems with subscriptions should be addressed to:


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