Recyc-L Listserv


RECYC-L is an email listserv about recycling and waste reduction programs at college and university campuses as well as related topics of interest to persons responsible for planning and implementing such programs.

Subscription to RECYC-L is free and open to anyone who works with campus recycling / waste reduction issues. The list is an open forum and generally not regulated. However, commercial promotions are discouraged and in extreme cases may lead to the subscriber being removed from the list.

How to Subscribe
To subscribe to RECYC-L, visit the Google Group at this link here. 

Next to the title of the group, RECYC-L you will see a button which reads “Ask to join group”. Once you complete this, you will be able to post and respond to messages, as well as receive emails with messages from the listserv.

Once within the group, you should be able to post messages directly to the Google Group or email

Any problems with subscriptions should be addressed to: