EPA Organics Recovery Toolkit



CURC is partnering with the US EPA Region 4 to make the recently developed guide, Organics Recovery Program Development Tool for Colleges & Universities available to campus sustainability, dining and facilities professionals.


Colleges and Universities vary widely in terms of size, infrastructure and resources. Audits of

these institutions waste streams reveal a significant amount of organic waste generated by food

services and grounds maintenance activities. Unfortunately many schools are still in the process

of formulating effective organics recovery programs. EPA recognizes this critical need and

views this as a timely opportunity to develop an organics recovery toolkit for colleges and

universities. To aid in its development, MMS engaged the University of Louisville’s Center for

Environmental Policy and Management (CEPM), part of the Environmental Finance Center


The advisory document will provide any interested college or university technical guidance in

the policies, technical and economic feasibility, and implementation issues relevant to

developing a sustainable materials management protocol for organics.


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Organics Development Tool

Compendium of College & University Organics Recovery Programs