Board of Directors


CURC is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. Members are appointed for 3-year terms and may serve two concurrent terms.  The Board meets monthly via conference calls and typically meets once per year in-person for an Annual Meeting.

For general inquiries or to volunteer for CURC, email

Current Board of Directors

Robyn Hathcock (Chair)
Housing Zero Waste Program Coordinator
University of Oregon
Term: 2014-2017

Andrew Lentini (Vice-Chair)
Sustainability Coordinator
University of Georgia
Term: 2014-2017

Erica Spiegel (Secretary)
Recycling & Solid Waste Manager
University of Vermont
Term: 2014-2017

Dave VanDeventer (Treasurer)
Recycling Manager
Clemson University
Term: 2012-2015

BJ Tipton 
Solid Waste Program Manager
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Term: 2014-2017

Donny Addison
Zero Waste Operations Coordinator
University of Oregon
Term: 2013-2016

Travis Freidman
Term: 2013-2016

Kris Jolley
Interim Director, Surplus Store & Recycling
Michigan State University
Term: 2013-2016

Jenna Jambeck, PhD
Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering
University of Georgia
Term: 2015-2018

Larry Cook Jr.
Recycling Coordinator
The University of South Carolina
Term: 2015-2018

Ryan McCaughey
Manager, Grounds & Equipment
Penn State University
Term: 2015-2018

Jennifer Maxwell
University Sustainability Program Specialist
Appalachian State University
Term: 2015-2018

Board Members “Ex-Officio”

Alex Freid
Founder and Executive Director
Post-Landfill Action Network
Dover, NH
Term: 2015-2018

Bill Rudy
Recycling Coordinator, Brigham Young University
Board Member, RecycleMania


Board Members – Emeritus

CURC thanks the following individuals for their recent service on the Board of Directors and their contribution of time and expertise to our organization!

Christine Cooley
Medical University of South Carolina

R. Kaye Johnston
University of Missouri-Kansas City

Lin King
University of California-Berkeley

Ophelia Morris
University of Manitoba-Canada