Board of Directors


CURC is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. Members are appointed for 3-year terms and may serve two concurrent terms.  The Board meets monthly via conference calls and typically meets once per year in-person for an Annual Meeting.

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Board of Directors

Arthur Atkinson
Instructor, Dimension of Culture
University of California San Diego
Term: 2017-2020

Margaret Bounds (Secretary)
Assistant Director of Sustainability
Connecticut College
Term: 2016-2019

Franklyn Cantor
Special Assistant to the President
Haverford College
Term: 2019-2022

Larry Cook Jr. (Treasurer)
Director of Sustainability
The University of South Carolina
Term: 2018-2021

Liz Gignilliat
Recycling Manager
University of Washington
Term: 2020-2023

Leana Houser (Vice Chair)
Waste Reduction and Recycling Manager
Johns Hopkins University
Term: 2019-2022

Rob Johnson
Director of Sustainability
Northern Virginia Community College
Term: 2016-2019

Mark Klapatch
Sustainability and Custodial Supervisor
University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Term: 2019-2022

Jennifer Maxwell (Chair)
Sustainability Program Director
Appalachian State University
Term: 2016-2019

Richard Moyer
Resource Conservation Manager
Seattle University
Term: 2020-2023

Brittany Morra 
Recycling Coordinator
Clemson University
Term: 2018 -2021



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