Using Contracts To Advance Waste Reduction Efforts

Originally took place on: December 14, 2016

Webinar Summary:

Haulers and other service providers can be valuable allies helping achieve waste reduction goals. A deliberative approach to the contracting these services is crucial, however, for schools to avoid being exposed to mismatched expectations and service providers with little incentive to support their sustainability objectives. This program included examples of how several campuses have approached hauling and housekeeping contracting, and included a panel discussion with industry experts discussing best practices for the procurement and contracting process.


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Tom Jones, Director of Custodial & Recycling Services, Clemson University

View presentation slides (pdf)

Natalie Berland, Manager of Sustainability, Bentley University

View presentation slides (pdf)

Sample RFP Resource Management Contract (pdf)

Michael R. Timpane, Principal/Vice President, Resource Recycling Systems

ITPI Best Practices in Municipal Waste Contracting (pdf)

SWANA-NWRA –Joint Advisory on Designing Contracts For Municipal Recyclables (pdf)

Joint Advisory Attachment #1: Material Composition Study (pdf)

Joint Advisory Attachment #2: Value of Recyclables (pdf)

Kelly Domino, Project Analyst, Resource Recycling Systems


Bonus Presentation:

Amy Preble, Recycling Coordinator, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

View presentation slides (pdf)

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UNC Chapel Hill – RFP for Recyclable Indoor Collection Services (pdf)


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