All of the work of CURC is divided up among committees. Committees meet monthly via conference call or as needed. Committees are chaired by a current Board Member, but committee membership is open to any CURC member.  Contact the chair for details.

Board Development Committee

Committee Chair: Margaret Bounds

The Board Development committee is responsible for oversight of internal organization and processes of CURC to ensure compliance with 501(c)3 requirements, policy and procedure development, oversees recruiting of new Board Members and organizes annual Board retreat.

Marketing and Programs Committee

Committee Chair: Jennifer Maxwell

Programs committee is responsible for developing and implementing CURC programs which include Webinar series and regional workshops.

 Funding and Finance Committee

Committee Chair: Larry Cook

The Funding and Finance committee is responsible for all fiscal oversight of CURC and for sponsorship management and administration.

 Executive Committee

Chair: Brittany Morra

The Executive Committee is comprised of the Board Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.






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